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All fees below are subject to change.  Fees can be paid in person at the Treasurer's Office (310 Institute St, Smithfield, VA 23430), by mail (PO Box 246, Smithfield, VA 23431), or remotely.  For remote payments, please contact the Treasurer's Office (1-(757)-365-4200).  The Town will accept cash, checks, or debit/credit cards.  All checks (unless otherwise noted) must be made out to "Town of Smithfield, Virginia, Town Treasurer."

Application & Inspection Fees

Hard Copies of Publications

Water & Wastewater Connection Fee Schedule

Connection fees to the Town's water and wastewater systems vary, and depend largely on the size of the water meter necessary for your connection's intended purpose.  The connection fee schedule is accessible HERE.  As a point of reference, a 5/8" meter is the most common meter size for a single-family dwelling- as such, the fees necessary for these connections would total $11,500.

The Town routes all Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD) fees to HRSD.  If you elect to pay an HRSD fee by check, it must be made out to "Hampton Roads Sanitation District."

As a general rule, the twenty-five dollar ($25) water minimum fee is paid by contractors for construction purposes.  The sixty dollar ($60) water minimum fee is paid by an end-user who is setting up their water and wastewater accounts for the property's intended use(s).  The Town's application for water-sewer service is accessible HERE.

Business License Application Fees

Business licenses are required for all businesses that operate/are located within the corporate limits (except for peddlers, who must apply for a peddler's license), and for contractors whose cumulative job costs exceed $25,000 in a calendar year.  Business license application fees vary, and depend on the value of the business' gross annual receipts.  For more information on business license applications and fees, please contact the Treasurer's Office (1-(757)-365-4200).