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Grace Street Utility Project Updates


1/25/21 - The contractor has moved equipment and materials on site.  Due to inclement weather, the start has been delayed until at least Wednesday 1/27/21 based upon weather.  Work will begin in the area of the North Church Street and Grace Street intersection.

1/27/21 - The Contractor will begin laying off the saw cutting of the roadway that will begin Friday January 29.  Digging in the roadway will begin Monday February 1 weather permitting.

1/29/21 - The section of Grace Street between Institute Street and North Church Street is now closed to through traffic.  The remainder of Grace Street is currently open.  The Contractor has started prepatory roadway cuts ahead of the start of digging early next week dependant upon weather.

2/1/21 - The Contractor has begun digging near the intersection of North Church Street and Grace Street to begin the sewer work.  Grace Street remains closed to through traffic from Institute to North Church.

2/4/21 - Work continues in the area of North Church Street.  New pictures added and the roadway remains closed from North Church to Institute.

2/8/21 - First sewer man hole set on Grace Street.

2/12/21 - Second sewer man hold is set.

2/15/21 - Work continues down Grace Street.

2/18/21 - Sewer man hole 5 is set and work is moving closer to Institiute Street.

2/26/21 - Sewer man hole 6 is set at the intersection of Grace and Institute.  Work has begun down Mason Street.

3/10/21 - Sewer work is completed on Grace Street and is moving down Mason Street.

3/12/21 - Main line sewer & SMH has been installed on N Mason north of Grace St intersection. We are now moving south of intersection on N Mason St. We hope to complete the “Main line Sewer” by end of next week, we will then have to start installing “Sewer Laterals” to the Town ROW in preparation to test the new system.

3/22/21 - Installation of sewer laterals continues along Grace Street.

4/13/21 - Installation of sewer mains and laterals is complete.  Crews are working to pave the sewer trenches this week.

4/14/21 - With the sewer line installation complete, work has begun to mark the path for the water line.

4/21/21 - Installation of the new 8" water main has started near Thomas Street and North Church Street.

4/27/21 - New 8” Water Main has progressed from N Church up to the intersection of Grace & Institute. Will begin saw cut from Institute to Cary tomorrow, followed by some vacuum excavation identifying existing utility elevations. Installation will continue after existing utilities are confirmed

5/5/21 - Starting tomorrow Thursday, May 6 during working hours we will need to close completely to traffic the block of Grace Street between James and Cary for the Watermain installation. Anyone needing access to James Street will need to come from Institute or Mason, that way will be clear for residential traffic to and from their homes or to the YMCA. This work will take 2 to 3 days depending on any weather delays but again it will only be closed during working hours it will reopen after working hours each day.

5/13/21 - The water main and fire hydrants are installed up to the intersection of Cary and Grace Street.  The week of May 17-May 21 the road will temporarily reopen to normal traffic while crews prepare for the next phase of work to start on May 24th.  On May 24th the road closure will resume.

6/7/21 - The New Water Main has been pressure tested, chlorinated, and sampled. We will now begin installing New Water Services to the customers starting tomorrow 6/8/2021. Each Customer/House will experience a short outage while their service is changed over from the old main to the new main. The residents may see crew members in their yard looking for a hose bib to flush off after hooking their service to the new main. As usual, if residents have any questions about the new service they can ask a crew member in the field or call the Town.

6/23/21 - Service connections are being finialized along the newly installed main line.  Once all service connections are made, installation of the water main past Cary Street will begin.

7/9/10 - Intersection of James & Grace will be closed Monday 7/12/2021 for Water Main Tie-in. YMCA traffic will need to access via Cary and James St. Residents should traverse via N. Mason St.  We will then progress to Institute intersection, N. Mason intersection (which could take a couple days), then ending with N. Church cut cap/plug.

7/29/21 - Paving is underway from Cary Street to North Church Street.  Once this work is done, the contractor will move down Grace past Cary Street.  The paving should be completed within two weeks.

8/3/21 - Grace Street is temporarily open to all traffic.  Road closures will resume in a couple weeks once materials for the next segment have arrived.

9/14/21 - Starting on Monday September 20th; the section of Grace Street, from Cary St. to Main St., will be closed until the middle of November due to water and sewer main replacements. The one-way section of Cary St., from Main St. to Grace St., will be closed to thru traffic completely for approximately two weeks starting on the 20th. Traffic will only be able to turn right from Grace onto Cary and only left from Cary to Grace for the duration of the project.

9/22/21 - Work and the detour will resume today.  Expect travel delays and road closures as work continues.

10/8/21 - Sewer installation has been completed.  Work has begun on the water main installation from Cary St. to Main Street.

10/29/21 - Water and sewer line installation is complete.  The roadway will be open to traffic for the Halloween weekend.  The road will close again Monday November 1st to allow for pavement patching.  

11/5/21 - Water and Sewer work is complete.  Re-striping of the Grace Street will occur within the next week to wrap up the project.

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