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2020-2021 Comprehensive Plan Update Feedback
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The Smithfield Comprehensive Plan update is currently underway and it needs YOUR input!

This plan will answer three (3) BIG questions:

(1) Who are we?

(2) Where do we want to go?

(3) How will we get there?

When adopted by the Town Council, this plan will act as a guide for land use-oriented decision-making and funding priorities in the Town for the years ahead.  It will be created through the compilation and interpretation of data, as seen in the Existing Conditions Report, an assessment of Town land uses and services, and YOUR community vision!

Please contribute your vision for the Town and your comments and opinions by filling out the VISION FORM and/or attending a public meeting- public meeting dates and times will be available on the COMPREHENSIVE PLAN UPDATE WEBSITE.

If you would like information on future planning phases, meetings, and feedback opportunities, please make sure to provide your email address in the VISION FORM.

If you would like to invite the planning team to speak to you at your regularly-scheduled meeting, please let us know in the VISION FORM.  Be advised that, owing to the pandemic, remote or “virtual” meetings are the preferred meeting format.