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PRESS RELEASE - Smithfield Winery, LLC



February 12, 2019


Brian S. Thrower, Town Manager

Town of Smithfield, VA

(757) 365-9505 (Office Phone)

Smithfield Winery, LLC

Smithfield, VA – The Town of Smithfield has received a Nonsuit Order of the lawsuit filed against the Town by the Smithfield Winery, LLC.

The Town of Smithfield would like to highlight several points regarding this lawsuit and the nature of the Town’s relationship with the Smithfield Winery, LLC.

First, the Smithfield Winery, LLC made a voluntary business decision to vacate the property, remove its vines, and terminate its lease with the Town. The Smithfield Winery, LLC acted on its own accord and proceeded in a manner it deemed to be in its best interests.

Second, the Town has been negotiating with Smithfield Winery, LLC in good faith for over a year. The Town actively sought to resolve this matter in an amicable and fair fashion. Smithfield Winery, LLC chose to withdraw from the ongoing lease negotiations.

Third, the work being done by the Historic Windsor Castle Restoration, LLC to renovate and restore the Manor House, as well as events hosted by Smithfield VA Events at the Windsor Castle Park property, had no bearing on the Smithfield Winery, LLC’s ability to continue leasing the property for its vineyard in generally the same manner as it had been doing these past six years.

The Town of Smithfield wishes the Smithfield Winery, LLC the best in its future endeavors and looks forward to continued success with Windsor Castle Park and the Manor House once renovations are completed later this year.