BHAR January 2022 Meeting Agenda
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BHAR January 2022 Meeting Agenda
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The Board of Historic & Architectural Review (BHAR) will hold its regular meeting on Tuesday, January 18th, 2022 at 6:30 PM in the Smithfield Center (220 N Church St).

The agenda packet is posted on the Town’s website HERE.

Owing to the pandemic, applicants who do not feel comfortable with appearing to present/answer questions on their applications have been urged to contact me as soon as possible.  In this case, we are planning to call them when their application comes up for review and decision by the BHAR on the night of the meeting.  The applicants have been reminded to keep their telephones handy beginning at 6:30 PM next Tuesday night, and to expect a call from me.  They have been instructed to contact me as soon as possible to discuss which number would be the best number to reach them at.  In a like manner, members of the public have been urged to submit their comments on these applications to me in writing prior to the meeting, if they have any.  These comments will be conveyed to the BHAR.