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Comprehensive Plan 

(Adopted by Town Council 07/05/2022) Due to the large size of the files, all color pictures and maps are not included in the online version of the Comprehensive Plan.
Future Land Use Map, Adopted 2022


Previous Edition:

Table of Contents (17 K)
Chapter I - Introduction (133 KB)
Chapter II - Goals & Objectives (185 KB)
Chapter III - Population (160 KB)
Chapter IV - Economy (312 KB)
Chapter V - Projections (175 KB)
Chapter VI - Future Land Use Plan (271 KB)
Planning Area VI - A - Battery Park North (138 KB)
Planning Area VI - B - Battery Park South (165 KB)
Planning Area VI - C - Cypress Creek (134 KB)
Planning Area VI - D - Jericho (152 KB)
Planning Area VI - E - John Rolfe (134 KB)
Planning Area VI - F - Pagan Pines (131 KB)
Planning Area VI - G - River Residential (137 KB)
Planning Area VI - H - Smithfield Industrial (147 KB)
Planning Area VI - I - Southern Gateway (152 KB)
Planning Area VI - J - West Main (159 KB)
Chapter VII - Historic Areas (714 KB)
Chapter VIII - Urban Design (597 KB)
Chapter IX - Economic Development (200 KB)
Chapter X - Transportation (277 KB)
Chapter XI - Housing (215 KB)
Chapter XII - Facilities & Infrastructure (237 KB)
Chapter XIII - Implementation (226 KB)
Appendix I - Citizen Survey (197 KB)
Appendix II - Citizen Summary Analysis (192 KB)
Appendix III - Battery Park Road Corridor Study (2.05 MB)
Appendix IV - Natural Resources Inventory, Constraints Assessment and Recommendations (222 KB)


Comprehensive Plan Maps

Planning Areas Key
Battery Park North Planning Area
Battery Park South Planning Area
Cypress Creek Planning Area
Jericho Planning Area
John Rolfe Planning Area
Pagan Pines Planning Area
River Residential Planning Area
Smithfield Industrial Planning Area
Southern Gateway Planning Area
West Main Planning Area
Bike & Pedestrian Plan
Future Land Use